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Pump Fundamentals Blog

Mining | GIW | Oil Sands | Slurry Pump

Partnership: The Key to Pump Innovation

From selecting the perfect pump for each application to providing solutions that improve efficiency and increase wear life, KSB is committed to assist...

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Tech Tips | Mining | Dredge | GIW | Oil Sands | Phosphate

3 New Year's Resolutions for Every Pump Operator

Each year resolutions are made but are they effective? Are you able to practically apply them to your life or your work and successfully meet your goa...

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Mining | GIW | Pump Basics | Slurry Pumps

Reading Slurry Pump Performance Curves Like a Pro

The right data is vital to optimizing slurry pump performance, which makes it essential for those who work with pumps to understand the slurry pump pe...

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Mining | GIW | Oil Sands | Slurry Pumps

Pump Fundamentals: 2022 Roundup of Our Top Blogs

With 2023 right around the corner, it’s time for our annual year in review. Do you know your Pump Fundamentals? Take another look at our most popular ...

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Mining | GIW | sustainability

Sustainable Mining for Renewable Energy

Mining plays a critical part in the transition to renewable energy, and the two go hand-in-hand. Renewable energy relies on mined resources, specifica...

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Mining | GIW | IoT Technology

IoT Technology for the Mining Industry

Internet of Things (IoT) technology is a hot topic with growing applications in the mining industry. IoT is a coordinated network of devices and techn...

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Mining | GIW | Technical Product Upgrades

The GIW Hydraulic Lab: Putting Pump Technology to the Test

KSB has a long, well-earned reputation for producing and maintaining cutting-edge centrifugal pumps, but global recognition for manufacturing excellen...

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Mining | GIW | Oil Sands

KSB Mexico’s UPA + UMA Borehole Pump Leads the Way in Mine Dewatering

KSB Group has a long history of developing rugged, wear-resistant slurry and non-slurry pumps. With manufacturing facilities around the world, KSB is ...

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Slurry Pumps | KSB GIW, Inc.

Manufacturing Day: Celebration of Slurry Pump Technology

National Manufacturing Day is observed on the first Friday of October. The day provides an opportunity to celebrate the industry. It gives those unfam...

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Mining | GIW | Oil Sands | Pump Basics

What’s the Best Way to Store Pumps in Cold Weather?

If you work in the Oil Sands, you’re no stranger to tough, remote conditions — and neither is your equipment. However, our harsh winters can be especi...

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