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May 2, 2024 10:29:26 AM | 2 Min Read

Upgrades to BOM Structure for Throwers

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GIW Industries

Technical Product Upgrades

Previously, the Bill of Materials (BOM) structure treated the thrower (previously known as the flinger), the 
raw casting, and the associated fasteners as separate items. It now treats these items as a single thrower 
assembly (kit) consisting of the thrower (507) and the fasteners (914).

TPU image

Drawing shows the parts of the thrower (507) bolted together with the fasteners (914).

The BOM now groups the raw casing and fasteners as child items under the thrower, as shown below. The component number, previously ending in -0065D, now ends in 0000A to indicate the change.

Example of the new BOM format for throwers.

Better Communication of Fastener Material and Grade

This change was made in order to specify more clearly the material and grade of fastener used in the thrower assembly. Existing throwers without a BOM were not modified. For more information on this change to the thrower structure and how it appears in the BOM, contact your GIW/KSB sales representative. 

For more information on these upgrades, contact your GIW/KSB sales representative.  GIW-Parts@ksb.com

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