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May 21, 2024 8:07:38 AM | 2 Min Read

Modification to 3064D Casing

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Technical Product Upgrades

The 3064D casing, commonly used in GIW® 20 X 20 LHD-42 pumps, has been modified for better manufacturability. This change does not affect interchangeability, hydraulics, wear rate, or maintenance procedures, and it requires no modification of associated parts.

Description of the Change

Previously, this casing had 20 bosses on the hub side. This design now features a single circular rib that was initially ø59.62” (1,515 mm) at the largest diameter and is now ø60.62” (1,540 mm) at the largest diameter.

Previous design with five bosses shown.

Latest design, featuring a single circular rib.

The diameter of the 20 mild steel inserts on the circular rib has changed to ø3.00 inches (76 mm), it was previously ø2.62 inches (67 mm), and the weight of the casing has increased by 840 pounds (381 kg).

For more information on these upgrades, contact your GIW/KSB sales representative.  GIW-Parts@ksb.com

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