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Sep 18, 2023 11:40:45 AM | 2 Min Read

Technical Product Upgrade - Easy Access Pedestal Design for LSA Style Pumps

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GIW Industries

Technical Product Upgrades

This complete pedestal redesign brings both improved structural integrity and greater ease of access for maintenance for all LSA–style pumps in the 2-15/16” to 10-1/4” shaft size range.

  • Improved access to fasteners, making it easier to change out pump components
  • Improved slide rails for more maintenance-friendly nose gap adjustments
  • New jack locations for more efficient loosening of seized bearing assemblies*
  • A higher-quality pedestal overall, designed with improved manufacturing techniques
  • Fully interchangeable with the older pedestals for most LSA–style pumps

*10-1/4” shaft sizes only

For more information on these upgrades, contact your GIW/KSB sales representative.  GIW-Parts@ksb.com

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