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Jan 24, 2023 6:00:00 AM | 4 Min Read

3 New Year's Resolutions for Every Pump Operator

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Each year resolutions are made but are they effective? Are you able to practically apply them to your life or your work and successfully meet your goals? Here are three that will make pump maintenance easier, help you meet your production targets, and save you money!

1. Establish a regular maintenance schedule

Just as we regularly check our health and make adjustments accordingly, the same should be done with slurry pumps. Consistent, scheduled upkeep will reduce unplanned outages, improve pump performance, and lower your total cost of ownership. There are things that can be done daily, weekly, quarterly, and semi-annually to keep your pump operating at its prime. This maintenance checklist is sure to keep you and your team running smoothly: What Slurry Pump Maintenance Can I Perform – and When Should I Call the Experts?

2. Learn to read pump curves like a pro

Aside from scheduled check-ups, pump curves are another performance measure that you should have in your bag of maintenance tricks. A pump performance curve is a computer generated graph that shows the exact flow rate and pressure at which a pump should be running for maximum efficiency. The key is reading the curve correctly and applying the results so the pump is running at optimal efficiency: Reading Slurry Pump Performance Curves Like a Pro

3. Save and even make money by selling scrap

Who doesn’t like to save money and make money at the same time? Each year we all make an effort to get rid of things but it’s even better if we can make money from what we no longer need. With the GIW Scrap Buyback Program, one company’s junk could possibly be another company’s treasure. It’s also a great way to eliminate waste responsibly and free up needed space on site. Learn more about our program and reach out to the team to begin profiting from your white iron scrap: What Do I Do With My White Iron Scrap?

Share with your team and keep these three tips top-of-mind for an efficient pump operation. Tips, product information and more are readily available to you on our website or in your inbox through the Pump Fundamentals Blog. If you’re not a part of the GIW® Slurry Pump owners community, Sign-up today. Happy New Year!

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