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What Does LSA Stand For?

Posted by GIW Industries on Sep 5, 2019 6:00:00 AM



What question does GIW hear most often from customers? Hands down, it’s this one: "What does LSA stand for?"

The LSA acronym's current meaning (and the one many readers might know) is "Low Maintenance, Severe Duty, Abrasion Resistant." The original meaning is a bit more concrete.

At one time, GIW made both low-speed (LS) and high-speed (HS) pumps. LS pumps came in two types: type A and type B. Eventually, HS pumps and LS type B pumps were dropped from the product line, leaving only the LS type A — or LSA — pumps.

Most people now associate the LSA designation with the mechanical end of the pump. LSA pumps feature a fabricated steel pedestal and a three-bearing arrangement in a cartridge-bearing housing, split on the centerline for easy assembly.

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In case you're curious, other acronyms of interest include the following:

MDX – Mill Duty Extreme

HVF – High Volume Froth

RAMSL – Remotely Adjusted Mechanical Suction Liner

DWD – Double Wall Dredge

TBC — Tie Bolt Construction

LCC — Life Cycle Cost (originally meant Low Capital Cost)

WBC — Wide Bolt Circle

LHD — Low Head Dredge

MHD — Medium Head Dredge

FGD — Flue Gas Desulphurization

SRT — Snap Ring Tapered (the gasket still in use on most LSA pumps)

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