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Apr 15, 2021 6:00:00 AM | 6 Min Read

Can KSB Mining deliver a complete pump package?

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The KSB Group has built their legacy over 150 years as the leading supplier of pumps, valves, and related systems. With KSB offices and service centers in more than 100 countries, and a strong global supply chain, they deliver high-quality products in industrial applications around the world. But can KSB Mining provide a complete pump package with slurry and non-slurry pumps for your operation?

A case study: KSB in Australia

To answer this question, let’s take a look at a recent collaboration with KSB and a mining facility in the land down under. The mining company in Western Australia oversees an iron ore facility that produces more than 15 million tons of ore per year. Since its opening in 2013, the mine has become a pivotal part of the customer’s overall production goals.

With all that ore to extract, they needed pumps that were reliable and efficient. KSB Australia won the contract to supply the mine with heavy-duty GIW® slurry pumps and KSB water pumps for their processing needs. This project is special as it is the first of its size where contracts for both slurry and non-slurry pumps have been awarded to KSB.

The KSB Hope Valley facility was the primary base of operations for this project. Thanks to its extensive floor space — more than 10,000 square meters (107,639 square feet) — it had the capacity to assemble the pumping equipment. The Hope Valley facility also features a testing lab for clean and wastewater testing of the pumps.


GIW SLYSEL technology

From the start, KSB Australia worked with the engineering house to select the right pumps for the applications. Together, they used GIW® SLYSEL technology and KSB’s EasySelect® Configurator — the most robust pump selection tools in the world. This helped them analyze the system design of the process so that they could identify the most suitable equipment that would not only be reliable but provide the best total cost of ownership.

Once the right pumps were determined, KSB tested and delivered the complete package, which had 66 pumps in total, including:

  • 23 vertical cantilever pumps for sump applications
  • 19 end-suction GIW® pumps for slurry applications
  • 17 end-suction pumps for process water applications
  • 7 pumps for fire water and raw water applications
impellerHave questions about our products, services, or KSB Mining? Get in touch with us today.

When it came time for engineers to swap out wear parts, GIW® pumps’ easy-to-use technology and modular design made the process simple.

The KSB SupremeServ team was integral to the project’s success. KSB SupremeServ is responsible for all aftermarket support. They, along with the site-based engineering team, support the customer with spare parts supply and service.

Powerful pumps

When customers need a trustworthy partner, they look to KSB. This customer, like many others in the iron extraction field, relies on some of our most powerful products: the GIW® LCC and GIW® LSA pumps.

  • GIW® LCC: This line of heavy-duty pumps is designed to tackle the most abrasive and/or corrosive slurries. Each pump uses the latest in wear-resistant alloys and hydraulic technology to take on a range of pumping applications. These high-performance, low-maintenance pumps are especially popular in mineral processing, chemical slurry service, and secondary mill grinding.
  • GIW® LSA: The oldest and most versatile pump, popular with customers since the 1890s, has been available in progressively advanced models. It is a premium hard-iron pump built to last and ready to take on the most severe slurries. Thanks to its modular design and many interchangeable parts, maintenance and customization are easy. Pumps in the LSA line are especially suitable for many applications including hard rock mining, materials mining, and dredging.

KSB is a one-stop pump shop, dedicated to serving our customers all over the world. The company has a continual investment in Australia through this and other customers in the region. Standard GIW® LCC & GIW® LSA products are widely available and can be sourced from various manufacturing plants around the world. With this collaboration and many others like it, KSB Mining has proven it is well equipped to offer our partners a complete package of products and expert solutions.

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