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Jul 12, 2022 6:00:00 AM | 6 Min Read

Revolutionize Tailings Management With the TDW Pump

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KSB is proud to introduce the latest addition to the GIW pump family. The GIW® TDW pump series was developed to meet the unique requirements of tailings pond dewatering. With KSB GIW, Inc.’s unmatched attention to durability and reliability, the TDW line’s hydraulic design is the result of decades of experience and materials expertise, and it delivers unsurpassed output in the most challenging tailings dewatering conditions — without the need for flush water during operation.

The TDW series of pumps helps mining operations achieve sustainability goals with efficiency and the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) available.

Tailings dewatering

Reclamation of tailings ponds in mining frequently occurs in locations without easy access to usable gland water necessary for proper pump operation in tailings dewatering applications. Transporting water to these remote locations is cumbersome and costly. The TDW series was designed to provide a complete range of expeller pumps starting with the LCC expeller range which features up to a 28-inch impeller. The WBC-54 expeller, with its 54-inch impeller, was developed in response to increased demand for pumps with waterless seals. It has been successfully operating in the field since 2019. TDW pumps bridge the gap between the two and provide additional capability beyond the range of the WBC-54.


Meet the TDW

KSB’s GIW® slurry pumps are designed to fit the needs identified through close working relationships with customers. The TDW series is particularly focused on improving efficiency, lowering TCO, and helping customers achieve their sustainability goals by eliminating the need to transport water to remote locations at mining sites.

TDW pumps feature a fully integrated expeller shaft seal for flush free operation, an automatic, metered grease dispenser for timely, calibrated shaft seal lubrication, KSB GIW, Inc.’s standard adjustable suction liner for optimal pump and expeller seal performance for the equipment’s full life cycle, and plugged drains and flush ports in the expeller housing.


The TDW’s high-head capable upsized shaft plug offers maximum reliability, and the series is manufactured with KSB GIW, Inc.’s proprietary Gasite™ wear materials, including a 29G chrome white iron impeller for high-speed capability and maximum maintenance life. The balanced hydraulic design includes a four vane impeller that can achieve high developed head with low suction head, or even suction lift, while minimizing vibration, maximizing efficiency, and maintaining the TDW’s capability to pass large solids.

Mechanical features for easier maintenance

Mechanical features standard to the TDW pump series include impeller release rings for quick impeller change outs and enhanced maintenance efficiency. The redesigned pedestal allows for easy access, reduces the pump’s footprint, and includes lift points for full pump removal. Bearing arrangements are robust and configured for limited end float, and all hardware is fully metric to simplify tooling requirements.

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Customer benefits

KSB is proud to be at the forefront of the mining industry’s drive for increased sustainability. While the lower TCO and ease of maintenance are unquestionable customer benefits of the TDW line, its potential impact on environmental sustainability is of universal benefit. KSB takes the ability to champion change in the market seriously. The TDW series helps mining operations save water by eliminating pump seal water usage, and the resources required to transport it, and is also suitable for water reclamation applications. GIW’s TDW pump series is a revolution for tailings management that meets customer sustainability needs while maximizing cost savings and optimizing operation and maintenance efficiency.

Customers benefit from state-of-the-art technology, advanced functionality of the TDW line, and KSB GIW, Inc.’s ongoing commitment to total customer support. The Fort McMurray Service Center has expanded in anticipation of the oil sands market’s future needs. With more space and enhanced capabilities for inventory, OEM parts management, maintenance, technical consultations, training, and retrofit services, Fort McMurray continues to provide customers with service designed to maintain pumps and keep them running to OEM specifications.

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