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Jul 8, 2021 6:00:00 AM | 8 Min Read

KSB Around the World: Mining Expertise in Chile

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Chile is the number one producer of copper in the world, yielding more than 5.7 million tonnes of copper in 2020 — according to NS Energy — with an estimated 200 million more tonnes of reserves. KSB has been serving the Chilean mining industry for more than 20 years. With seven service branches in Chile, including three Technical Services Centers, we can guarantee a KSB Mining specialist is close by and ready to deliver personalized advice on pump maintenance, standard operating procedures, and best practices.

KSB Chile S.A. specializes in pumps, valves, and systems. We partner with our customers to provide a wide range of services, with team members who can help with project design, pump adaptation, custom system design and production, and after-sales service.

Meet the Team

Every member of the KSB Mining team is vital to our clients’ success. And each is committed to our mission — finding the right products for our customers and providing them with exemplary service and support.

Barbara Abarca
Cristian Corvalán

Cristian Guerrero

Cristian Hernández

Cristian Zapata

Dennis Mondaca

Felipe Soto

Francisco Oyanadel

Manuel Núñez

Mitchell Vivanco

Patricio Araya

Patricio Duarte

Roberto Díaz

Sebastian Angel

Shaid Campusano

Tommy Díaz

Ximena Vera
Johan Diaz
Rodrigo Castillo
Stefan Moletto
Faviola Belmar
Jenny Jara

Patricio Araya

KSB Chile S.A. Project and Mining Manager, Patricio Araya

Patricio Araya has been with KSB Chile since 2005 — and leading mining operations since 2010. A natural leader, Mr. Araya is known for his proactive approach and a lifelong enthusiasm for learning. He brings his natural aptitudes to every professional effort, and it shows in his general success and a particular talent for developing new business. Mr. Araya loves his work, and it shows, but his family — wife of 23 years, Marisol, and their three beautiful children — is his greatest joy.

A win for KSB Chile S.A.

KSB is proud of its twenty-year history in Chile. One of our recent projects involved the country’s largest underground copper mine and some troublesome shaft sleeves on our customer’s pump. The KSB Chile sales team has built a solid relationship with the mine’s operational team, so they were aware of the situation. When our competitor couldn’t resolve the problem, mine operators decided to test the GIW® MDX. Since we stock the parts locally, it was KSB Chile to the rescue! Our team installed a new pump in record time, and one triumphant test run later, the competition’s pump was replaced with a GIW® MDX 550. Soon after, KSB Chile won a bid to replace all three pumps in the plant’s SAG process. Stacking up one success after another, the local KSB team has opened the door to future projects with Chile’s biggest underground copper mine. And if a copper mine is big in Chile, it’s one of the biggest in the world.

Mr. Araya and his first-rate team at KSB Chile S.A. are eager to build upon KSB’s twenty-year history in Chile by delivering excellence in mining services across the country for the next 150 years and beyond. See our video on the KSB Chile S.A. efforts below:


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