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Oct 21, 2021 6:00:00 AM | 5 Min Read

KSB Helps Germany with Flood Recovery

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GIW Industries



KSB’s Statement of Social Responsibility
“KSB stands for active commitment to corporate social responsibility. In all our business activities, we are guided by the principles of sustainability and fairness in the way we deal with people and the environment.”

How KSB helped Germany with flood recovery

This past summer, torrential rain caused multiple rivers in Germany to breach their banks and release devastating floods into populated areas of three German states. A reported 183 people died because of the disaster, and nearly 42,000 others were otherwise affected. Many lost their homes. Some still have no electricity. But when the waters rose — and infrastructure failed — KSB Germany was there to help.

KSB donated domestic water supply systems and grey water pumps to affected areas in Rhineland-Palatinate, North Rhine-Westphalia, and Bavaria. One hundred Multi Eco® Pro water supply systems were dispatched to provide clean drinking water in disaster zones, and five mobile Ama-Drainer pumps were provided to the Bundesanstalt Technisches Hilfswerk (THW) — Germany’s Federal Agency for Technical Relief — to aid with wastewater removal.


The equipment

The Multi Eco® Pro is a quiet, self-priming, intelligent centrifugal pump. It powers on and off automatically to meet demand with the required discharge pressure and eliminates the danger of damage associated with dry running. The Multi Eco® Pro’s low noise feature makes it ideal for populated areas, and the pump is designed to run with 40% more efficiency than conventional jet pumps to save on energy costs and deliver potable water without additional environmental impact.

Ama-Drainer submersible mobile pumps are drainage and disposal pumps designed to remove unwanted water or wastewater in flood conditions and control groundwater levels. Ama-Drainers are mobile, plug-and-play pumps equipped with an oil reservoir for good dry-running characteristics. They’re maintenance free — with grease packed bearings sealed for life — and suitable for pumping water/wastewater which contains particulates.


KSB Germany

“In this extreme emergency, it goes without saying that we are ready to help wherever help is needed – in person and by donating useful equipment,” said Dr. Stephan Timmermann, CEO of KSB SE & Co KGaA, “Many of our employees are volunteering to help with the work in the disaster areas. There is simply no question that we should support people in this exceptional situation and provide them with what they need most right now, whether that be fresh drinking water or help in disposing of dirty water.”

As part of its commitment to social responsibility, KSB believes it is vital to support disaster relief efforts. KSB equipment is ideal for flood relief and clean up initiatives. KSB Germany exemplifies this company value, and we’re proud to partner with local and federal government entities in response to these destructive floods.

red crossTo donate to flood relief efforts, please visit German Red Cross.

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