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May 19, 2017 10:38:58 AM | 4 Min Read

You Don't Have to Sacrifice High Efficiency for Reliability


The development engineers at KSB have not only improved the operating reliability of the proven waste water hydraulic systems but also increased the pump’s hydraulic efficiency. KSB introduces the new generation KRT with the new Max impellers.

KSB focused on the typical operating ranges of waste water pumping stations. To offer as broad a range of applications as possible, the new submersible motor pumps are available with four different improved impeller types.

The F-max impeller significantly reduces the risk of clogging in the impeller’s center caused by long fibres, in particular by wet wipes. Wipes have become a major problem in waste water transport in recent years, requiring more robust designs from pump manufacturers.

As a result of the trend towards conserving drinking water and separating stormwater and waste water, the waste water to be handled has increased in solids content. This is why operators now demand non-clogging impellers which offer reliable operation without sacrificing high efficiencies, even for smaller pumps.

With regard to low electricity consumption, electric drives of modern submersible motor pumps also play a key role. This is why operators are also offered a range of high-efficiency motors. Depending on their system’s load profile, they can choose a highly efficient motor variant which corresponds to the IE3 efficiency level for standardized motors in accordance with the IEC-60034-30 standard. Such motors are particularly interesting for powerful pumps with a high number of starts and stops. Two bi-directional mechanical seals reliably protect the motor space against ingress of water.

A chamber filled with environmentally friendly oil ensures cooling and lubrication of the mechanical seals even when gas-laden fluids are being pumped. Larger ball bearings, sealed for life, support the stainless steel shaft. Special focus was placed on the design of the cable gland. Individual conductors stripped, tinned and sealed in resin ensure that the cable gland is absolutely watertight. Even in the event of damage to the cable sheath or the insulation, due to this design, the pump is protected against short circuits.

To ensure that the pumps can be easily dismantled, even after years of operation under tough conditions, all wetted screwed connections are made of stainless steel. For transporting acid waste water, KSB also supplies pumps made from high-grade stainless and acid-resistant duplex steel.

To learn more about how KSB Conquers the Clog visit - conquertheclog.com

To Learn more about our new generation KRT contact us at sales@ksbusa.com

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